A Poem for Dhour Choueir

The Poem My Little Town - Dhour Choueir
as eloquently recited by our talented young Superstar from Choueir, Sandra Clark

My Little Town 
by Nabil Sh'hayyed - The Poet of Choueir abroad

About the Poet
- Introduced by Sandra Clark


Nabil Sh'hayyed, the Poet of Choueir abroad, is the son of Georgette Bint Tanios Bou Nader Khneisser. He is a prolific and talented Lebanese-American writer from Dhour Choueir... a poet... and a reflective thinker


He has a ten year old daughter Nicole Georgette who is following in her father's footsteps

Reminiscent of Gibran Khalil Gibran, the eloquent simplicity that characterizes his writing style, inspired by his life’s journey, reflects a unique talent as an exceptional poet and an allegorical novel writer

His heartwarming poem was written in honor of Dhour Choueir with many references unique to our little town.... including the talking clock bel Se7a .  Now, let's go


My Little Town - Dhour Choueir

An ode across the distance from a far away field
to the home of my ancestors, their sword and their shield

In the shadow of the mountain, perched upon a throne
beneath the golden vineyards and churches of stone

Guardian of the valley, mason of the rock
memories of my childhood and the talking clock

Vibrant panoramas that set the soul free
and dominate the coastline, the cape, and the sea

To the Emigrant Festival of music and light
your children round the world converge in delight

Like a pretty bride amidst the pine trees
you catch the rising stars and the mountain breeze

In the winter months of bitter cold and snow
the withered leaves fall, the north winds blow

Sleeping like a princess to a sweet lullaby
you soothe all your senses as the days go by

Waiting for the summer with passion so deep
to come and kiss your lips and wake you from your sleep


Click here to hear the audio track of this poem recited by Nabil

Hello, Nabil

I was very excited when Sandy informed me of this great news

It's really a pleasure for me to recite your
poem "My Little Town": it's really awesome.. a typical illustration of our home town Dhour Choueir very dear to our hearts. I am sure that your message will be passed on to all the people who will be present in The Emigrants festival
P.S: It's nice to know you are friends with my father. Wish me luck!! take care - Sandra Hobeika



Nabil, I love the poem. Congratulations, once again...and thank you for your countless contributions to all of us including Dhour Shweir - Nadia P. Benab


Mister Nabil, I just heard your poem yesterday being recited in Dhour il Choueir's square in front of hundreds... :)... I liked it, just wanted to say congratulations. :) - Rachid Moujaess


It is so beautiful, Nabil !!!! Thank you for such wonderful words. - Claudia Kenicer


From one poet to another, Thank you for select emotions that touch the heart. It is these acts and these words that keep the Shweirriye together" - Boutros Sawaya


Who wrote this Beautiful poem ya Smiyeh?  It does reflect the feeling of each and every one of us who spent our childhood in that place we call it Heaven. Thanks Ya Abou Al Noboul - Nabil E. Matar


10x Nabil, miss u wala, kifa Nicole?????????? tfadal zourna... by the way nzelet 3a lebnan inthe summer wzakarouk bi eid el moghtarebeen, i was so happy to hear what they said, tc - Ghada Kiame


Hello Nabil, I like your poem and your voice. Believe me it takes me to my childhood memories. I appreciate your time sending us the lovely news of Dhour Choueir..thank you...have a good day... Sanaa M Hannouche


I read your poems, and LOVED them! keep writing please and don't forget to share with us! -  Elissar Kurban


Sandy Mjaess - Shweir Municipality - Dhour ChoueirDHOUR CHOUEIR - 12 August 2009 Mrs. Sandy Mjaes sent Choueir.com the following heartwarming letter:



"Dearest Nabil,

In honor of your efforts and contribution for the best of our Shweir, the committee has  decided that your poem will be recited on Sunday the 16th of August 2009 rather than the previously scheduled nights, because it will have the most exposure since, during that specific night, we are expecting more than 15000 people.

I hope this meets with your approval.

Thank you for all what you have done to make of Shweir a Star.



Sandra Hobeika, Sammy ClarkDHOUR CHOUEIR - 12 August 2009 UPDATE: Miss Sandra Hobeika, the young rising Star from Dhour Choueir, and the daughter of Superstar Sammmy Clark, has been selected to recite the beautiful Poem "My Little Town" written by Mr. Nabil Sh'7ayyed, during the Annual Emigrant Festival this year on Sunday the 16th of August 2009.